Google Chrome is a fast, safe and very convenient browser from Google. Its main advantage is that it is directly related to the search engine Google, and then search for information much easier. In addition, the browser supports skins so you can customize its design to your liking.To make your default browser Google Chrome On the browser toolbar, select the wrench icon is the settings tab and control Google Chrome.Now select the "Settings" option (in that case, if you have a Mac, this item will be called "Settings"). Now find and select the tab called "Main". Scroll to the "default Browser". In this section, click "make Google Chrome the default browser". All setup completed, now any link you will have to open through Google Chrome.
Mozilla FireFox is another popular browser, supports many features (like the ability to install a huge number of useful plugins) and also has the function of the settings to your taste. To make my default browser Mozilla FireFox:Open a browser and in its upper part, find the menu "Tools". In this menu, select "Settings". In "Settings" select "Advanced" – "General" – "Check now". Then just click "Yes" and FireFox will be the default browser.
Internet Explorer – the main advantages of this browser are familiarity and accessibility. Usually Internet Explorer is installed by default on all Windows operating systems originally. If you change your default browser and want to return Internet Explorer, here is a guide to action.To make the default browser Internet Explorer:Launch the browser. Immediately at startup, if Internet Explorer is not your default browser) the browser will give you a message that it is not the default browser and prompts you to make it so. If you want to do it, just hit "Yes". If necessary (for example, if you have to from time to time to change the default browser check in the same window the check box next to the words "Always perform this check at startup. In this case, the following window will be displayed each time you launch Internet Explorer. All browsers are good in their own way, and what is more suitable for you – decide for yourself. Good luck with your work on the Internet!