Opening the Internetbrowser as you would any computer program. The only difference is that the browser installed in the system by default, and even during the first launch icon to start the browser necessarily fall into the field of view of the user. In order to start the Internetbrowser, simply double click its icon. Launching the browser will happen in a matter of seconds. Button browser can also be mounted in a so-called quick launch, which is located to the right of the start button on the taskbar (bottom of screen). To open a browser using the quick launch, just click on its icon.
The Internet browser is one of the main programs of the Windows operating system, so how to run it as simple as possible. Open button Internetbrowser is always in a special way highlighted in the menu "start". To launch the browser, open this menu and click "Internet", located at the very top of the left column menu. Clicking this button will serve as a command to load into memory of the browser default. That is, if your PC has multiple browsers, but most of the time you use one of them, you can assign it as your default browser, and it always will start after you click "Internet" in the menu "start". The purpose of the browser by default in its settings, or in "control Panel" services "Select default programs".
Opening any shortcut Internetand from the file Manager of the operating system, or a hyperlink from any text file, the browser opens automatically. you can put a shortcut to the Internetand the desktop or any convenient folder, and clicking on this shortcut will open the Internetbrowser.