To start, assign yourself a penalty for every unnecessary thought. For example, give up sweets, don't buy new things, do not meet with friends. Give yourself a vow that as soon as you stop to think about that person to remember is not necessary, you fulfill your dream. Or go a little different route. For every thought give yourself a physical test. For example, push-UPS, sit-UPS, Hiking and other. This variant is good because you not only stop to think about the person who is with you in the separation, but get yourself in shape.
Rarely stay alone. Next, there should always be other people who will distract you from unwanted thoughts. It is better to look for companies you are unfamiliar interlocutors. There in front of them you won't bare my soul with them, you hide their experiences. And in the end it's just become a habit.
Try to visit more often in the companies of strangers
Overload themselves with work and exercise. When the body is exhausted, people rarely think about the bad. Physical fatigue will allow you to fall asleep faster, distract from all unnecessary thoughts. Purchase a subscription to the pool or gym, often do chores, travel regularly to the country, if you have it. You can even get a second job. Because it will eventually help you forget that person about which I constantly think.
Get a new hobby that will be of interest to you. Enjoy collecting, attend yoga courses or start to jump with a parachute. Importantly, the hobby would take more time. When you do something you love, it is rarely distracted by unwanted thoughts.
Find a hobby for the soul
Love yourself. Start a new life where you will be the main man. Holte and cherish yourself, pamper daily. Even in trifles no one is talking about buying a diamond necklace or an expensive yacht. Just follow your desires, realize your dreams. If you something you do not want to do, don't do it. The charges will come later. For now, just allow yourself to relax and enjoy life