Keep it simple. No need to constantly torment myself with the thought of being alone. Wasting time on useless lamentations, you risk missing the real thing. Because the person who engaged in their experiences, may not notice that there were someone worthy of attention. Just learn to look at life positively. Meet friends, attend parties and other events. And maybe the wish will come true unexpectedly. You can get acquainted with the beloved (beloved) accidentally, for example while visiting. This coincidence is not uncommon. Most importantly, do not despair for lack of love.
Find yourself a hobby. A pastime can be quite varied: read books, draw pictures, sew, embroider, collect models, prepare meals, hunt, fish, etc. If you like my work, then it will be a good hobby. The activity will give the opportunity to direct the energy in a useful direction, and not to dwell on problems. Passionate about people usually think only about his "passion". In this situation, about love and you can forget all. But it's still about feelings sometimes to remember. Because they make life bright and saturated raznoobraznymi emotions.
Revise their ideals. Sometimes people can feel lonely, but until old age will have to wait for Prince (Princess). Unfortunately, people are not perfect. All have any disadvantages. With this fact you must accept. Excessive requirements can scare not only those who you like, but all the others. And it is possible that forgetting the inflated requests, you will meet someone you will get along well.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This does not mean you have to rush into the arms of the first comer person. But sometimes to find the real feeling, only having a bad experience. In addition, it will help in the future more carefully to concern the second half.