Advice 1: How to stop waiting for love

Love is a wonderful feeling that brings a lot of positive emotions. But this experience only lovers halves. For those who is searching, waiting can be very painful and even leading to despair. Not to rush into extremes, and get rid of not always rosy thoughts, you need to stop waiting love. Understand that the heart itself will choose who he's nice.
How to stop waiting for love
Keep it simple. No need to constantly torment myself with the thought of being alone. Wasting time on useless lamentations, you risk missing the real thing. Because the person who engaged in their experiences, may not notice that there were someone worthy of attention. Just learn to look at life positively. Meet friends, attend parties and other events. And maybe the wish will come true unexpectedly. You can get acquainted with the beloved (beloved) accidentally, for example while visiting. This coincidence is not uncommon. Most importantly, do not despair for lack of love.
Find yourself a hobby. A pastime can be quite varied: read books, draw pictures, sew, embroider, collect models, prepare meals, hunt, fish, etc. If you like my work, then it will be a good hobby. The activity will give the opportunity to direct the energy in a useful direction, and not to dwell on problems. Passionate about people usually think only about his "passion". In this situation, about love and you can forget all. But it's still about feelings sometimes to remember. Because they make life bright and saturated raznoobraznymi emotions.
Revise their ideals. Sometimes people can feel lonely, but until old age will have to wait for Prince (Princess). Unfortunately, people are not perfect. All have any disadvantages. With this fact you must accept. Excessive requirements can scare not only those who you like, but all the others. And it is possible that forgetting the inflated requests, you will meet someone you will get along well.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This does not mean you have to rush into the arms of the first comer person. But sometimes to find the real feeling, only having a bad experience. In addition, it will help in the future more carefully to concern the second half.

Advice 2 : How to stop waiting

The waiting is the most exhausting kind of emotional stress. You don't know exactly when the event will happen, but want it to happen – and just wait. And the possibility, meanwhile, is gone. But if you have to start today to do what will bring you closer to the fulfillment of the dream, tomorrow you will be much closer to her.
How to stop waiting
Psychology of expectations – not the easiest thing. No matter what are you waiting for: true love, a raise at work, the warm summer in order to rest – in any case, first try to realize one simple thing. Life is what is happening today. All that was before is in the past. What will happen then is yet to come. You only have today, the present moment. And you dedicate it to the barren process of painful waiting. Start living instead of waiting, hoping, something will force you to do it in the future. Do what you like.
If you have a specific dream, try to implement it. Usually people are afraid to even start, believing that their dream is so complex that they can't achieve it. And someone even does not ask himself such a question, it's just a dream – and let it be somewhere far away, because waiting is such a convenient way to escape from reality! But try at least to take up the case.
The first thing to break a large and complex goal that really is able to strike terror, into simpler steps. Each of them must be such that it was clear how to implement it. If the steps are too complex, break them. Need to the realization of the goal appeared in a tangible form, for you to understand how to approach the matter and to take him to implement his plan. And start! No need to wait.
It happens that a person expects in his life will appear someone that could change everything. It will be a new and true love, as it should be. But someone else wants to, that will return the person does not have a relationship in the past. This expectation is absolutely not useful. It is exhausting, depressing and unnerving. Instead to indulge in fruitless dreams, take care of yourself. Find a hobby, become more alive and interesting person. If you are in their place and doing their job, life itself will develop so that the most similar temperament people are near to you.
If you are waiting for the resolution of any complex situation, all the time I doubt that happens, and sometimes it seems that everything has become like a tangled knot that can't unravel, try to cut it, finding a simple solution. Find out all you care about. As is often the expectation is delayed only because people are unsure of anything and are afraid to at least try to change that. Ask about what's going on is normal. To allow someone to mess with your head, forcing you to wait is not clear why – that should not be allowed.

Advice 3 : How to stop being jealous of girlfriend to her friends

Despite the development of modern technology, man still remains a prisoner of its ancient, not always pleasant feelings and emotions. Among them the jealousy.

The definition of jealousy

Jealousy is a negative feeling which occurs mainly in humans, in moments when he feels lack of attention, love, respect or affection, one might even say, the uselessness from the loved one. Chronic tendency to jealousy called jealousy. Some people think jealousy even disease.

Usually jealous of a loved one. In such moments, when, for example, girlfriend is out with friends, imagination her loved one begins to draw the most disturbing picture of what it is now, perhaps, comes down to physical infidelity.

Of course, to endure such unbearable. Jealousy can cause even harmless flirting on the young man's eyes.
Jealousy can be healthy and unhealthy. Healthy jealousy is justified by the desire to protect that person belongs, he believes, rightfully. Moderate jealousy is acceptable and permissible in modern society.

From unhealthy jealousy, one loses not only the calm and poise, but can be completely inadequate and even to commit murder.

Usually the guy is jealous of his girlfriend, based on past experience of failed relationship. He always seems that when he's not around, his girlfriend will pay attention to another young man. Such thoughts were unbearable and in most cases lead to scandals and relationships.

The lack of basic trust is the basic cause of jealousy.

Struggling with jealousy

On the Internet, and in various literature, lots of advice on how to deal with jealousy and stop being jealous of his girlfriend to her friends. All the tips boil down to the fact that the need to trust her, enjoy what she enjoys, to make friends with her friends, in short, to become her shadow, and everywhere relentlessly follow her.

To give advice is much easier than to follow them. But what if the hobby your girl and her friends you're not interested? Anyway, you don't want to meet her friends? You have your own friends and your Hobbies?

If this situation occurs, it is better to sit down and discuss together the situation. Usually jealousy occurs to the girl in the case, when a young man sought her attention, while the girl could not decide to take her to his advances or not.

In this case, even meeting the girl, the young man, there will always be doubts about how she loves him and how she was faithful to him, if to him the girl has been in a serious relationship, and she was in love.

To Eclipse the first love is very, very difficult. For any girl the first love for life remains the most vivid and most important, even when she had already married and had a child.

Easier when the girl herself chooses the candidate to potential husbands. In this case, jealous of her to her friends there is a great need.

The girl herself will always return to their partner and may completely cease to meet with their friends and will focus all his attention on the young man.

Not to be difficult, but if you love a girl, you need to be patient and wait for the moment when her except you nobody is necessary. How long to wait?

It depends on your actions and how you will be persuasive in his desire to prove to her that she is your favorite and one and only.

Jealousy – a dark, ancient feeling, which spoils our life, and to be fought. But to do it properly.

Advice 4 : How to stop being jealous of ex-husband

Unfortunately, often even after a divorce, feelings between the former spouses extinguished immediately. It happens that wives jealous of their husbands, knowing that now the beloved is absolutely free and can easily start a new relationship. From this unpleasant and pointless feelings like jealousy towards a former spouse needs to get rid of as quickly as possible.
How to stop being jealous of ex-husband
Let go of your ex - husband. Please note that your relationship has ended, and now each of you by himself. Learn to live without a former lover. Perhaps it will be a very difficult and painful, but with time you will cope with the situation and realize that the former spouse you no longer need, now that he's free, as you have the right to connect his life with anyone.
Be aware of the fact that your jealousy you just ruin yourself. This feeling is pointless, because it will not help you to return to her former husband and will only complicate your life after the divorce. Jealousy prevents you to start a new, more successful relationship with another man, to concentrate on finding his own happiness. Don't destroy yourself and don't lysates opportunity to find new love.
Don't concentrate on negative emotions. On the contrary, try to force yourself to think only about good things. Every time you think about ex-husband and present him with another woman, try to dramatically cut their thoughts, replace them with pleasant memories that have nothing to do with your marriage.
Change the way ex-husband, formed in your imagination. People often tend to idealize their past, to remember the good things and to think that a former partner was a wonderful person. Looking at the past through rose-colored glasses, you are only cheating yourself. Remember your quarrels, all the shortcomings of your ex-husband, his misdeeds, a situation when he was unworthy. And then rejoice that this terrible man is no longer in your life, and sincerely pity the woman who decides to build a serious relationship with him.
Take a break, do something pleasant. Embark on a journey that will change your image, make an original haircut, learn to play Billiards, jump with a parachute, pamper yourself with a trip to the beauty shop, change the interior of your home. Most importantly – do what gives you pleasure, and do not allow yourself to immerse yourself in painful memories and thoughts. So you'll be able to forget her ex-husband and get rid of jealousy to him.
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