If a guy complimented your appearance or internal quality, be sure to thank him for the compliment. Do not start to withdraw and deny their dignity, so you can convince the fan that he's wrong! Take the words calmly and confidently, like you hear about it from others.
To compliments are always nice, especially to girls even more flourish from good words. But you need to be able to distinguish sincere praise from flattery. Usually flatter people trying to get something from you. Such lies and hypocrisy in relationships is unacceptable, so try to prevent attempts to influence you with insincere praise.
The young man who expects nothing in response to your compliment, worthy of the kind words and your smile. Note his powers of observation and good taste, when he noticed your new accessory or color of hair. You should look at the guy more closely, because, it turns out that your tastes match!
In the second sentence mention that you also like his style of dress, or hairstyle. If a young person you are pleased with, you can flirt with him and start thus a more intimate relationship.
Along with a compliment you can get a bouquet or gift. Accept with sincere gratitude the gifts and tell him that you appreciate the attention and kind words of the giver. Praise the gallantry and tact fan, his upbringing and courtesy. So your reaction makes the guy desire to tell you compliments constantly.
Compliments from friends are easy to make, they can respond with jokes and light harmless "jokes , because they always understand you. If the guy from your company view your new jeans, you can say that I saw the same model and size.