Advice 1: What phrases like men

Despite the universal belief that love women, this is also true for men. That passion continued unabated, and men's self-esteem was on the same level, don't forget to tell the man she loved nice things.
What phrases like men

Do men need compliments?

It's all in the perception, women are used to compliments, for them it is just a pleasant, meaningless words, men perceive the compliment as a motivation for action. In addition to spoken compliment a kind of gingerbread work and can reinforce any positive habits.

Compliments the stronger sex necessary as air. But not worth it to them to overdo it, otherwise praise a man can begin to look at others haughtily. Well, or suspect you of insincerity. And particularly paranoid men can perceive the abundance of compliments as a sign of infidelity. Yes, here's a male thing. A good compliment should be fairly thin.

Basic phrases

"How do you like this (beautiful, smart, caring) come from?"
Ask this question often. A sincere interest in his person no man can leave without a response. So, you can hear detailed or humorous answer to this question. Men love to talk about themselves, but pride would not allow them to do this for no reason.

"Tell me how to do something."
This request will show the man that you consider him competent in any matter. This will make even the most modest man to have a sense of pride. And you, asking for advice, can further explain why it appealed to him. Do not forget to mention the complexity of the case, as well as significant experience with men in solving the problems. Just don't ask for advice about nonsense, it may be unnecessary coquetry, as a man may be offended.

"You have such a beautiful cardigan (tie, car, briefcase)!"
Admire that is dear to your man. The rapture things will make passing a few compliments, to compliment the taste of the man or admire his sense of proportion. Just don't do it too often, as in this case, a series of compliments can sound fake.
But never compare your man with the former. This can lead to serious problems.

"You're perfect!"
Compare your man with those who are dear to you. Almost any man would melt from positive comparisons with your father, especially if you emphasize what virtues are inherent to your father, and man. Do not skimp on the compliments with a double bottom.
If the arguments to explain to the man why you love flowers or white chocolate, it is likely that he will give you flowers and chocolates more than once a year.

Men do not like criticism, but if you put it in the form of a compliment, to sweeten the pot, we can achieve great progress. Never make compliments with "but". For example, "you're so good that I washed the dishes, but somehow forgot about a pot on the stove". Tell me "I washed the pot that was on the stove, but you saved me from having to wash the remaining dishes." This rule, incidentally, applies not only compliments the man she loved. If in this way to formulate ideas when dealing with the rest of the world, the effect is stunning.

Advice 2 : Why does a man not say kind words

The male mind is not as the female. Guys can keep a low profile, despite the fact that experiencing the girl very sincere. If a man tells you about his love, does not mean that it is not.
Why does a man not say kind words
The first reason why the man is giving you a gentle and soft words, lies in its inferiority complex that may occur as a result of not quite the right education. Perhaps the family of your young person was not accepted to openly Express their love and emotions, so the man would keep a low profile in relation to its second half. If you try to instill in him a positive attitude towards compliments, most likely, it will not give you the desired result. With such problem it is better to go to a psychologist.
If your man just doesn't like to talk a lot, and is notorious silent, hardly you will wait on him gentle words and tenderness. To change the character of a person, you can not, therefore, if you do not like this guy, change it to more talkative, just remember that the secret to happiness lies not in the compliments.
Another reason for the lack of gentle and loving words from your beloved representative of the stronger sex is in his lack of feelings for you. Previously, he was gentle and considerate, but now has become rigid, most likely, love or not, or it's gone. When people no sincerity, passion and togetherness, affectionate words and compliments from men can be expected. He won't say something just to please you because to do it is absolutely do not want. Talk to your lover and ask, not cool if his feelings for you. Maybe he will say that in fact your feelings are in vain, and his apparent indifference due to the many problems at work or some other factors. Do not rush to destroy the relationship as you can because of the stupidity of losing a decent man.
Think about what the absence of sweet words can be caused by some negative events of the past. Maybe your young man once met a girl, tried to be gentle and tender with her, showered her with compliments, and she mocked him, taking the gentleness for weakness. Such behavior could provoke the emergence of new complexes and a dislike of anxious words. Explain to your man that you are missing the warm emotions and the banal compliments. Tell me you won't laugh at his feelings, and, conversely, will appreciate this positive impulse and manifestation of the delicate and sincere love.
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