Reasons that hinder a person to obtain compliment from pleasure, just five:
The man sincerely believes that the praise he deserves;
He thinks the compliment is disguised manipulation;
Man indifferent to the opinions of the person making the compliment;
He is afraid that it will be a compliment to something to oblige;
Finally, the person may simply not like to be the center of attention.
Mechanisms of a kind of "protective" responses are the following:
In order to divert attention from his person, a man can say a return compliment, and without much sincerity;
People just downplays his achievements It would be able to do any in my place" or "nothing much" or "I accidentally did it";
Most worryingly, the effect of the compliment can be "killed" retaliatory remarks, talking about our mistakes and shortcomings.
It may sound paradoxical, but the man, said aloud, that it was not much work for the night to write the annual report or to pay for a handbag for his wife half of his salary, deep down, their achievements can be proud of. Why he does that? Hard to say, but most likely in childhood from adults he often heard phrases like, "don't get cocky", "In your place I would have behaved more modestly" or "You do not represent themselves".
Don't ignore the praise and compliments, trying to skip them by their ears. But not necessary to be overly proud of, seeing someone else's praise for the greatest achievement in life.
If you are not able to adequately respond to other people's compliments, just memorize this phrase "I have every right to accept praise and compliments. The person who utters them, he does it voluntarily without any coercion. And I also have the right to rejoice when people like myself or what I do." Repeat this phrase in mind as often as possible, and you will be able to appreciate other people's compliments and to answer them.
Even if you feel that a compliment somewhat exaggerated, just think of it as a purely personal point of view of the person praising you. And he has a right to see you in pink.
If you do not know what to say to a compliment, learn a few standard phrases like "Thanks for the compliment, Very kind of you, thank you, Thank you, you are very kind". Here you can not explain. Just don't go through these phrases and compliments without thinking that you are not taken for the heroine of the famous fable about a rooster and a cuckoo. A compliment should be appropriate as a reaction to it.
But if you hard to accept compliments, you have to work on your self-esteem. She must have greatly reduced. Love yourself and you will be able not only to respond to compliments, but to enjoy every day.