Not just to praise the man, but also to make him feel good you need to know which of their qualities he most cherishes. Traditionally almost all men consider themselves to be courageous, strong and smart. So a compliment accentuates the truly masculine quality is always pleasant. Especially with the woman he loved. This will significantly increase men's self-esteem and give him pleasure.
During the long process of talking with a representative of the stronger sex to notice what personal qualities he is trying to develop and what features of character trying to stand out. It is these properties and should be emphasized in the compliments. The mistake is to extol a man what he absolutely no different. If one is far from sports, a compliment about his physical strength can be perceived very negatively.
Rightly said, the compliment should not be like a flattery or a call center boast. Try to make compliments related to his actions. For example, after he has made a gentleman's act, praise him for it. And should not be limited to short phrases such as "You are so polite" or "You're so strong." A compliment needs to be deployed, but terse. Instead of the phrase "You're so manly" you could say: "I was attracted by your manliness, because people like you can always rely on." Instead of the phrase "You have me so smart," say: "How do you come up with, without you I wouldn't have guessed".
Say a man compliments so he never questioned their sincerity. Keep the voice slipped a note of irony. For this reason, you should be careful making humorous compliments. This will be very useful to look the man straight in the eye, not past it. And don't forget the sincere smile. Often a little naive and childish when submitting a compliment can convince the man in sincerity boasting more than seriousness in his voice. Very nice man compliments, made an erotic voice, but they should always be appropriate.
Don't overdo the praise. Very frequent and inappropriate compliments first perceived as flattery and insincerity, and eventually get bored. A compliment needs to emphasize any meaningful male thing, not to be trite praise at the slightest pretext and without it. But we should not fall into the other extreme – leave a loved one without words of admiration. Look for a middle ground in praise.
The art of making your man the compliments will help to render the desired effect, to re-educate him. Properly presented boasting can inspire a man to do what he wants or sees fit. Or Vice versa, to keep him from rash acts in the future.