You will need
  • phone,
  • - the passport.
"Alfa-Check is useful, but the downside is that it is paid, and is not so cheap – 59р/month. First month free, and then people might notice that sometimes a small amount of money debited from the account. After reviewing the statement, it is easy to understand that in this way there is a fee for using the service "Alfa-Check . If you want to disable it, use one of the following methods.
The easiest way to abandon the "Alfa-Check , using the hotline. Call 8 (495) 78-888-78 (toll free in Moscow) or 8 (800) 200-00-00 (it's free on the territory of all regions of Russia). Wait for a response from the operator and inform him that you wish to disable the service "Alfa-Check . He will ask your name and surname, date of birth, code and card number. After that, the service "Alfa-Check will be disabled. This happens within a few days.
Another way to abandon the "Alfa-Check is to appear in the branch of Alfa-Bank and make it a written statement. About how to do it, tell the staff member on duty. The application will be granted within a few days. You will need a passport.
If you for some reason decided to start using the service, you can connect it very easy. This can be done through the system of Internet banking "Alfa-Click , using there "Connecting "Alfa-Check . You can also call the hotline listed above, or make any transaction using an ATM, a menu obtaining information on account balance and agreed to the proposal with a convenient way alert. Then you will only have to enter your phone.