You can pay online MTS via the payment terminals. For this you need on the screen of the terminal to select the corresponding field. Then enter the phone number that caters to your rate. Then enter the amount (it depends on your fare), load in terminal money and obtain a receipt. The service is paid.
Another way to pay for the Internet service from MTS, the mobile payment. If you are using mobile Internet, you just need to send a message to the service short number. For example, in Moscow it 089025. Further, following the system prompts, pay for Internet services.
To pay the provider you can and through the Internet itself. Go to special section "Deposit account" on the website In a designated field, enter the phone number on which you be Internet services. Then enter the amount and method of payment is by Bank card or from the account, i.e. account number. Click "Confirm". Check can print on the printer.
Can pay for Internet from MTS via Bank transfer. For this you can either use the ATM of the financial institution where you opened your account or Internet banking. And in fact, and in another case requires the same information: a phone number and the amount to be paid.
Can use this payment option Internet service from MTS, the card payment. To buy this at any office of mobile operator or in many trading pavilions and shops. The maximum face value of the card 500 p. So, depending on the amount, choose the number of cards that you need. To activate the card and Deposit money into your account, follow the instructions on the reverse side of the card.
To pay for the services of the provider company you can and in the offices of the mobile operator. For this you can simply come to call your number and the amount to be paid. Specialist office will issue you a payment receipt. A similar principle of paying valid Internet and in various retail outlets that accept payments for services of mobile operators.