You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the phone number of the operator;
  • - e-wallet (WebMoney) or Bank card (Visa or MasterCard).
If you have a Bank card Visa or MasterCard, it is possible to Supplement the account of the subscriber of MTS directly from the site operator The home page of the website you need to choose the category "Deposit account". By clicking on the page, you will see a special form of replenishment of the account. In the appropriate column write down the phone number of the MTS and the desired amount of Deposit account (minimum 100). Then press the button "Pay". A form will appear where you need to enter credit card information. In the same way you can pay for multiple accounts the mobile phone operator MTS. On the page "Deposit accountand" choose "to Pay for multiple phones at once."
The second way to replenish the account of mobile phone can be used, provided that you have an electronic purse WebMoney. On it, you must have a positive balance. After authorization at WebMoney website on the main page of his purse after the information about the accountAh (ruble, currency, etc.) will see what you can spend?". In this section, choose "service Type" - "Mobile communications". Go to the page "Payment of services" (Deposit accountand mobile). Under "Provider" select MTS. In the appropriate column of the form enter a phone number in the format of 10 digits (without 8 or +7). The following is the limit of the amount you can Fund the account operator, based on the balance of your ruble purse WMR. Indicate the amount of transfer money from your WMR-wallet WebMoney account mobile phone operator MTS and press the OK button.
When frequent replenishment to the room accountand the operator of MTS with a WebMoney purse, in the section "what you can do?" the home page of your purse in the section "Frequently replenished: will be written the number of the phone. A further Deposit to your accountand click on a selected number and form of replenishment of the accountand will be filled in automatically. You will only make the amount and click OK.