You will need
  • Terminal, Bank card, electronic money, Internet access
Many Internet service providers offer its subscribers a service called "promised payment". This method is convenient because you have access to the Internet instantly. Each provider is the terms and conditions of feature: varies the size of the loan and the period for which the service provides access to the network. At the end of the service you will need to pay for Internet in a different way, listed below.
To pay for the service of the Internet service provider via the terminals. For this you need to know what types of terminals you have a service provider where the logo covered services and what it looks like. When making a payment through the terminal, fees may apply, so the amount of the payment should exceed the monthly amount for the Internet.
Another payment method for the Internet is ATMs, usually at no charge. Each Internet provider partnered with certain banks, so the owners of those or other plastic cards can pay for the Internet in this way.
If you have an e-wallet, you can pay the so-called electronic money. However, this method is suitable only if Internet access is not yet locked, or you have the option to pay using the Internet elsewhere, for example, from work.
Some Internet service providers release a card activated access to the Internet. They have different value, depending on the rates of each supplier. They are sold in the salons of cellular communication or in other specialized shops. The point of sale of such cards Internet service provider usually publishes on its official website. Most often, the actual cost of such cards exceeds their nominal value, equivalent to the fees.