You will need
  • - registration in the social network.
Created social networking groups or communities allow users with similar interests to communicate on General topics, ask questions and read the answers, get advice, and share their own experiences in the or area.
If you want to invite a group of your friends, it will be enough to send them an invitation, especially because this possibility exists on all social portals. As a rule, near the main photo (avatar) group is the link "Send invitation", "invite to group" or "Invite a friend". Click on this button from your friend list, select the user and offer to join him in this community.
Read more about the capabilities of the group, I can tell you in a small message, filling in for this special message. And you can leave it blank. But it is available only in case, if this service is available.
In the "Classmates" find the group from the list of existing communities, they are all presented in a special section. Much easier to find the necessary groups, if you saved it in "Bookmarks". Selecting the desired community, open it, which previously would have to click on the name, which is automatically and its address. This step will allow you to go to one of the group pages, where it will be fairly easy to send the invitation.
Select "invite to group", and then in the list, your friends ' select those you want to send the invitation. And then click "invite". Putting multiple users, you one step will invite them all.
In the social network you also first need to join one or another group. Then select from the "My group" that you want to invite friends. Go to her main page and right under the main photo, locate the "Invite friends". Click on this caption, then, in the list of your existing friends (this will open in a new window) select the desired user and click the link "Send invitation".
In the same way you can invite a group of friends and on other sites. The principle of operation is similar to that described above.