This innovation in the most popular Russian social network is intended to avoid spam in the form of repeated tedious to add friends, and allows users to continue to receive information about the deleted from friends list.

Not so long ago a new "chip" the social network were "Fans" and "Idols". To add a user to their idols and to follow its updates were possible only under condition of existence of a rating over 200. The new subscription feature of "Vkontakte" makes this condition is not mandatory and allows you to monitor the website almost any user.

If you still don't know how to create such a subscription to the news users of the social network, you just need to visit the page of the selected user and add him as a friend. Then you will see yourself in its members and will be able to follow updates its pages. However, if he uses the profile settings, a high level of privacy to your page "Vkontakte", the option to subscribe you will, and view news and updates from his page you can't.

You can also create a subscription on the pages of their already existing friends, as you work the tracking updates on their pages.

When you subscribe to a user's page, it will appear on your page under "Friends" under "Subscriptions". You will be added to "Subscribers" of this user, which is located on his page in the menu under the avatar.

In addition to user pages, you have the option to subscribe to updates from official pages in the network "Vkontakte".

If you decide to refuse any subscription, you need to go to the user on their profile page and in the menu under the avatar, hover your cursor of the mouse on the button "You subscribed to...". A window will appear in which you need to click on "Cancel".

If you want to delete your subscribers, then you need to add users who have subscribed to your page, in the black list. After removing any names from your friend list, they will automatically be converted to your subscribers.

All users who added you as a friend but was not in the answer you added are also automatically translated into the category of subscribers to your news.

All applications to friends are automatically converted into a subscription, until you decide to add these users or deny them friendship.