You will need
  • Internet access, registration on the site Vkontakte, information and photos videos upcoming meeting, if any.
If you are a registered user of Vkontakte, the main menu, select "My meetings". Next, click on "create event". In the opened window "create an event" fill in all fields in order. Write the event title, event description (what and where will be held, where it will be collected), specify the date and time of collection or the start of the event, if you are Dating on it). Select "closed event" or "open event". And click "create event". Your meeting is created, you now need to begin to edit and make it as attractive as possible.
Select and upload the avatar of your group. The picture should reflect the essence of the event. If you want, write the first message on the wall. Under avatar, click "manage appointment". Here you may want to edit the description of the meeting. And can also indicate their contacts (phone, email). Can change the possible actions of the participants – writing on the wall and leaving comments. You can also add additional organizers. Don't forget to save it. In the option "list of participants" you can view the number of participants, the number rejected your invitation to view possible participants (friends of your friends), you too can invite.
Under the option "organizers" are photos and videos. If you have any – feel free to load them, it will attract interest to the encounter. When your meeting is over – publish photos and videos from the meeting, let participants leave your comments.
Click under the avatar "invite friends" and invite all or selectively. If the meeting is open, those whom you invited can invite their friends. Don't forget to stop in the meeting and watch the number of people agreed to come. Create an ad of your meeting on your page, in groups in your city, region, leaving a brief description, a call and link to meeting.