There are quite a number of programs, plugins and scripts, designed to facilitate communication in networks. The leader is VKbot. This program will need to organize a mass mailing, find her. The full version of this program is paid, but try to find the free version. It is not difficult to do using Internet search engines. Besides the free version will contain all the necessary functions.
Download the selected version of the program, install it and login. Then click "Newsletter".
After login the screen will display a table that will be presented with a list of projects. Select or enter a desired word or sentence on their own. Then press "Go".
Select the type of mailing. In the popup menu will offer the list: send a private message to friends, congratulate, send a message on the wall, mark news "like".
If you want to send a message to the wall of a large number of people with attached picture – choose "send a message on the wall." In the resulting window, enter the message text.
With the function "Send private message to friends" to tell the latest news to all your friends at once.