The gist of it is that, inviting a new user to the app, you have the opportunity to obtain 7 wmr for each invited application. A mandatory condition of receiving a payment is the solvency of the person you invited.
The user is considered insolvent if one of the conditions: purchased services totaling more than 90 rubles, payment password and the payment of services through the service; joined the purse worth 90 rubles.
When you install the app invited users dialog box appears, in which he must indicate you as his friend or your user ID. Tracking the number of guests and the accrued amount in the section "Affiliate program" on the website Webmoney.
In addition to affiliate programs, the invitation to the application practiced social networks. So, users of social network "Vkontakte" you can invite friends using the service on the social networking site, inviting new users allows a member of a social network to receive remuneration in the form of votes