You will need
  • case;
  • - wire in a vinyl sheath ;
  • - nylon cord.
Purchase seat covers that are most suitable to the interior of the car. The average quality covers of "Kalina" are from 2500 rubles. It is better to choose a model made of dense fabric that is abrasion-resistant and pleasant to the touch. If funds allow, choose a more expensive heated covers. In addition to providing greater comfort they are more durable due to the internal frame.
Spread out the covers, remove them tightening, made generally of insufficiently durable materials. Insert into the holes the wire in a vinyl braid of a suitable size, which is characterized by high strength and can be easily tightened. Tapes of such materials helps in uniform stress distribution on the puffs. So you can protect them from a possible rupture.
Replace the ribbon, located at the edges of the covers and are designed to stretch, a nylon cord about 3 mm in diameter. It is sturdy enough, and it will help you much better able to perform the stretch cover. Sew it instead of the old puffs. The most durable nylon cords you can buy in stores for fishing.
Remove the seat. To do this, Unscrew the mounting bolts or nuts that attach them to the floor. Put on new covers and tighten them as tightly as possible with the new delays that they did not wrinkle and did not slide. Be sure to check the nodes puffs. Install the chair back, Zaventem bolts or nuts.