The cheapest way to protect the salon are cases. These products are suitable for all seats, plus, you can pick them up any color. These covers are washable and easy to put on, but they have significant drawback – they are short-lived.
Not very expensive ones, are covers made of fabrics such as plush or tapestry. They also have the ability to absorb moisture well. The downside of this option is that after washing plush and tapestry sets, and these materials wear out quickly. Washing and vacuuming synthetic materials are much easier, they are longer, but do not absorb moisture, slip and electrified.
If you wish for a long time not to change the covers, it is better to give preference to models made of velour. They differ durability and reliability. Even the ashes, getting on the cover of velour, not burned and not melted. In the hot season velour seat covers will not stick to the body, they are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. The only drawback – they are easy to attract dust.
In the manufacture of covers for individual orders you can order a model with regard to the shape of the seats and body shape, and choose any color and texture. If you want you can embed the massager and heater. As for the mounts, they can be made elastic, using metal hooks that attach the seat frame. A more simple option is to use ropes, but it's not very convenient, as they tend to come loose and dangle. Another fixing method is the use of rubber strips with Velcro straps that pass under the seat. This is a more robust design, but it may eventually stretch.
You can use the universal models of covers for cars, since they are suitable for all seats and their range of colors is quite wide. The downside of the product is the difficulty of attachment, and the fact that they can't always follow the shape of the chair. But with the help of model coatings takes into account all peculiarities of seats, but, unfortunately, they are not meant for all cars.
If you do not have to completely close the seat, buy the cloak.