You will need
  • - new seat covers car;
  • - sturdy string or wire cut in vinyl sheathing;
  • - nylon cord with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • - needle and strong thread;
  • - set of automotive tool.
Select a set of car seat covers that suit your car model. Remove them from the factory packaging and follow the enclosed to the set statement defining the purpose of each element. If you put on a heated cover, test holes and notches for reclining backrests, head restraints and seat belts.
Lay items on a flat surface. Pay special attention to the material from which made the clips of the covers. If he is not strong enough, remove the standard straps and replace them with robust nylon twine or wire in a vinyl sheath.
Simple manipulations puffs will allow you to evenly distribute the effort over the entire surface with the installation of products, and will protect the material from tearing. Purchase at a bait shop three-millimeter nylon cord and sew it instead of the usual ribbons, located on the edges of the covers.
Do not try to put on and to fix the covers without removing the seats. Otherwise, wishing to hasten the work you are putting premature wear. Even the most durable material, but loosely attached to the chair, to crease, to constantly get off and quickly come into disrepair.
Unscrewing the fasteners, remove the seat from the car and put them on the new covers. Excluding the deformation of the protective elements, tightly secure them on the seats of the car, securely tightening the reinforced ribbon. Carefully check all the joints and install the seat into the car, fixing them using the fasteners.
By purchasing for your vehicle leather seat covers, fit an seat them with extreme caution. Keep in mind that your excessive force can damage or deform expensive material. Eliminating unwanted effects, sew on the back side of the vertical zipper for a secure and fast fixing of covers.