Sale today very common in Russia, it is much easier to start a business that sells something, but not produce. The creation of goods requires large investments, and that leads to huge risks, arrange retail store is quite simple.

Best products

Today in Russia very seriously growing market for convenience foods. People begin to value their time and are looking for ways to protect yourself from staying long in the kitchen. Broad opportunities provided by the billet, well-liked by the consumer. Margin in retail for these products is between 15-30%, it is a little, but keep in mind that a man should eat no less than 3 times a day, and so there is a demand for such goods is constantly. Large revenues generated through turnover.

The finished products are very popular in large cities. It's not about the restaurants and cafes, namely stores where you can buy hot dish. The cafeteria, dining rooms and departments in grocery stores will offer something already created. It can be salads, first and second dishes, pastries. This is the option for lunch at work or dinner with the family. It is important not to raise prices to be cheaper establishments catering so that people coming to see you, not in a cafe. Earnings may be 10-20% if you only sell ready meals, or 30-70%, if you combine the sale of simple products and cooking.


Alcohol always brought a good income. For example, the sale of draft beer today is very beneficial. The margin on beer is 50%. The equipment often offers the manufacturer, so there are no big expenses for the opening. But in this business a lot of competition, it is important to place point of sale. On spirits the margin is lower, and the cost of the license should not be ignored. But given the demand for the product and the lack of seasonality, it is possible not bad to earn.

Juices, soft drinks, mineral water brings a good profit. The premiums can range from 10 to 100%, the demand will be for expensive and cheapest option. In the season sales will increase tenfold, winter fall, but even these fluctuations do not allow to splurge. Expanding the range of water, you allow the buyer to choose, and it will not allow him to leave without buying. And in public places similar points are very relevant.

Pet products

You can earn not only on food for people but also food for the animals. Cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots live in homes and apartments of modern man. They also want to eat, and their owners spare no money to buy food favorites. In addition to the feed, can be enjoyed and related products. Such trade is relevant in large and medium cities, but it is important to find a place where there is no competition, because of profitability of this niche.