Decide what breed you will breed. The plan of the cattery be sure to include all possible overheads and timing of offspring, read the terms of the content of the selected breed.
выбрать собачий питомник
If you have no special knowledge of feline, he graduated from special courses at the club of fans of cats that are in every city. Become a member of such a club and pay membership fees. On completion of the course apply for the opening of the nursery. If you chose a unique name for your cat plant," that during the week, experts from the International Association of clubs of fans of cats give it official status.
как называется игра где есть кошка которая делает все
Visit a few cat shows and select suitable manufacturers for your nursery or refer to pedigree breeders to buy a purebred animal.
Как устроить выставку кошек
Select a room for the nursery. It can be ordinary spacious apartment, however, if the neighbors of the cell against this option, it is better not argue with them, and you can rent a specially equipped room, where you can create all the conditions for breeding cats.
закрепить плазму не на стене
Purchase all the necessary items for the nursery: feed, cages, trays, cat leashes and collars. Purchase medication in the drugstore. Sign a contract with the clinic on a periodic re-examination of your charges, vaccination, obstetric care.
как разводить собак
Decide how you will arrange sales of kittens. If you are planning to enter into a contract of sale with the client, such income will be taxed. In the case of registration of the contract of donation or transfer of property rights you will also have to pay the tax. However, a verbal agreement with the client on the transfer of kittens, you will lose the right to financial compensation for expenses on cultivation of the animal in case of discrepancies the standards of the breed, subsequently identified by buyer.
Actively participate in cat shows, where you will be able not only to proudly showcase the results of their work on animal breeding and to receive the deserved awards, but also to establish the necessary contacts with colleagues and future customers.