You will need
  • - seeds of cucumbers;
  • - capacity for planting;
  • - drainage;
  • - grunt.
Preparation for planting and planting the seed
For growing cucumbers on windowsills use the wide and long containers or pots with 5 l per plant. Make your choice of container, pour in a bit of drainage (pebbles, expanded clay or broken bricks), and then the ground. As the soil is better to use commercially available nutrient solution. Now for the seeds, which before planting you need to germinate. To do this, wrap them in a damp cloth and place it in a bowl. Periodically add in a saucer of water, as the fabric dries up very quickly. As soon as I hatch the first sprouts, transplant them into the prepared pots with soil to a depth of 1-2 cm and pour.
Install the pots with the planted sprouts on the South or Southeast window. On the window sill should be no draft, so close the window and seal existing cracks. While cucumbers do not have a strong root system, plug in the pot support peg further garter plants. After 5-6 leaf, stem tied to the stake. Allow the main stalk to reach the top of the window, along the way, you'll harvest young cucumbers. Then priderite the top, it will give the side shoots of the second order. Thus, you can adjust branching plants and more.
Pay attention to the soil in the pots was constantly moist. For this water the cucumbers 1-2 times a day in small doses. The water temperature should be 28-29 degrees. After watering, do not forget to put the earth under bare roots.
Without feeding expect good growth and fruiting of cucumber makes no sense. So start to feed the plant immediately after planting, every 7-8 days. Use complex mineral fertilizers low concentration. During heavy fruiting dose of fertilizer increase. Another point of reference, when the rate of fertilizer needed to increase, it is the yellowing leaves of the plant.