How to grow cucumbers on a balcony

Growing cucumbers on the balcony often fond of elderly people, which is difficult to visit the suburban areas, but they have enough free time, take good care of the plants, therefore, can boast of significant achievements and good harvests Zelentsov. An important role in achieving this goal is played by the correct selection of varieties. Breeders displayed a lot of varieties and hybrids of cucumber for cultivation in a confined space, inaccessible to the bees.

Popular hybrids of cucumbers

Classic varieties are parthenocarpic (self-pollinating) hybrids that are guaranteed to produce a crop on the balcony, the balcony and even on the kitchen window: "April", "cuckoo". The disadvantages of these hybrids can be attributed to their low resistance to disease and a relatively short period of fruiting, as well as unsuitable for canning – these plants are good for fresh consumption. To stretch in time to produce a crop, you can plant cucumbers at intervals of 15-20 days. With the proper allocation of crops can be generate fresh cucumbers throughout the season.

Modern balcony grade

If you want to grow a good crop of cucumbers, suitable for pickling and canning, it is necessary to pay attention to modern hybrids cucumbers-gherkins. Among them we can mention the "cucumber City", "Balcony". The scourge of these plants are compact, growing bunches cucumbers – several pieces from a single sinus. Pickles feature miniature size, good taste; they are crunchy, flavorful, perfectly suited for laying in jars for the winter.

Larger fruits have a "Swallowtail" and "Blizzards", but their fruiting is quick to impact yield, so you need to regularly plant new plants. For larger balconies where there is no shortage of places suitable hybrids "Berendey", "emerald stream" quality Zelentsov excellent, fruiting stretched in time, but the length of the pipe does not allow to grow a large number of these plants. If the balcony most of the day is in the shade, it would suit shade-tolerant hybrids adapted to French conditions, "Mary", "Strutter", "Prestige", "Kosinski".

What variety or hybrid cucumbers or choose, they all need timely watering and fertilizing, which in confined spaces is even more relevant than when growing plants in the greenhouse. Especially for the balcony cucumbers in specialized stores you need to buy nutritious soil mixture, complex fertilizer, throughout the growing period, regularly feed the plants to get a good harvest.