You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - documents of title to another dwelling;
  • - a statement to the court.
The landlord is obliged to pay utility bills after receiving the receipt of the integral clearing center. If the apartment account devices are established, accruals are made in accordance with their testimony. Accordingly, if you do not live in an apartment, do not use water, electricity, therefore, exempt from payment.
If you have not installed metering devices, refer to the asset holder a statement, please submit a certificate of residency in another place, the documents of title to the accommodation in which you actually live. You will be exempted from payment for water and electricity. The heating is charged in accordance with the cubic capacity of the apartment. So your lack of it can set you free from utility payments. After all, no matter you live in an apartment or not, the living space is heated, and you have to pay.
In the apartments of new Fund of installed heat meters. If heat meter you have, payments you make according to his testimony. You can reduce the temperature and to save on paying, but to turn off the heating completely in the cold season is impossible as freeze heating system and plumbing.
House services the owner pays regardless of whether he lives in the apartment or not. For example, you may be exempt from payment of cleaning obschedomovoy site, the entrance. If you selected the intercom, you are to bear the obligation to pay for the installation, repair. That is, you may be exempt from the payment that you do not consume, but regardless of this, to keep their homes, the owner is obliged, therefore, some payments you have to make.
All disputes on the accrual and payment of utility bills are resolved between the lessee and the owner of property in a judicial order. If you are not satisfied with something, and you didn't come to a consensus on charge for utilities, please see the statement of claim to the court.