Advice 1: How to disinfect shoes

Cleaning storing shoes, boots or shoes, it is necessary not only to thoroughly wash and dry them, but to disinfect. It is also necessary to regularly do while wearing shoes to avoid odor and to prevent the development of harmful microorganisms inside. There are several quite effective methods of disinfection.
How to disinfect shoes
You will need
  • special sprays
  • - equipment for drying and disinfection
  • - antifungal agents
  • - solution of potassium permanganate
  • - formalin solution
  • - ammonia
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • - vinegar.
In Shoe stores today sells a variety of disinfectant sprays, for example, "Tulip", "Boot", etc. They are sometimes useful in treating the inner surface of the boots and shoes to deodorize it, to remove the unpleasant smell of sweat and prevent mildew.
If you don't want to buy special equipment, can use the so-called "folk" ways. For example, soak a clean cotton cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the inside shoes. The unpleasant smell will disappear. The alternative of hydrogen peroxide there may be a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate, and vinegar or ammonia.
If you want to be sure to destroy all harmful microorganisms, use formalin or formidron, they are sold in pharmacies. Wipe shoes from inside, then put it in the bag from polyethylene, tightly tie to the odor of the solution does not spread through the air, and get away. After a day, remove shoes and properly ventilate it.
Use a commercially available are devices designed for drying and disinfection of shoes. They affect it by the flow of ionized air and ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to this bacteria, the unpleasant smell disappears. Devices of this type are usually very compact and are suitable for the processing of shoes of small sizes.
In the case that the need of disinfecting footwear arose in connection with the fact that its owner is already suffering from fungus, it is best to use special medication. There are many of them in the form of liquids and sprays. For example, "Mycostop", "Dezavid", etc. typically, these drugs are odorless and harmless to all materials. Generously spray or pour them inside the boot, the boot or Shoe and allow to dry. This should be done after each wearing.

Advice 2: How to handle shoes from fungus

According to the world health organization different types of fungal infections of the feet suffer from 12 to 18 percent of the population of the planet. Therefore, almost all of us have the risk to acquire this unpleasant disease. And prevention not the least is shoes treatment.
How to handle shoes from fungus
You will need
  • - solution FORMline;
  • - solution chlorexidine bigluconate;
  • - acetic acid;
  • - a cotton swab.
In order to protect yourself, you need to observe elementary rules of hygiene. You need to use your own personal shoes, not to wear someone else's and not give others their. Shoes should be comfortable and high quality, it should not create the feet of the "greenhouse effect" is the ideal conditions for infection with onychomycosis. Do not walk barefoot, especially in public areas. Should keep their personal hygiene nail (scissors, nail files, towels, etc.).
However, even the most active sanitary and hygienic measures are not able to protect from fungus. There are many modern methods and medicines to combat the fungus, but we should not forget about preventive measures. One of them is the handling of the Shoe from mildew.
What is best to disinfect the shoes when of fungal diseases of feet and nails?

For these purposes, use:

- 20-40% solution of formalin;

- 1-percent solution chlorexidine bigluconate;

- 40-percent solution of acetic acid.
One of these solutions is moistened foam or a cotton swab, wipe the inside shoes, including insoles, socks tampon put in shoes, tightly Packed shoes in a plastic bag and leave for a day in a warm place. Then the shoes are unpacked and aired. I must say, the process of ventilation is decent. Procedure in the treatment process, it is desirable to do several times.
Efficiently, and most importantly, no odors, helps to treat fungus shoes special apparatus for handling and drying of shoes, "Timson" that are sold in pharmacies. Special fixtures, repeating the shape of the front part of the shoes are inserted in each sock, and is active for 8-12 hours. The device not only dries the shoes at a temperature of about 70 ° C, but also performs processing with ultraviolet rays with built-in lamps.
Shoes from handling this device is not damaged and well preserved, in contrast to the active treatment solutions listed above. With this method of processing die 99-100 percent of fungi. This method effectively fights bad breath.
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