Advice 1: How to get rid of mold on shoes

Shoesstored in a damp room, gets an unpleasant smell of mold. To wear such a thing is not recommended, because mold is harmful to the skin. If you are a pity to throw away shoes or boots, try to get rid of mold.
How to get rid of mold on shoes
You will need
  • - detergents;
  • - ammonia;
  • - vodka;
  • - acetic acid;
  • Sol;
  • - boric acid;
  • cream for footwear;
  • deodorant.
Thoroughly rinse the shoes in warm water with detergent, add a little chlorine to produce disinfection. Pay special attention to the inner part of shoes. If the shoes are made of poor material, then it is better not to expose to prolonged contact with water.
Mix ammonia with vodka. After complete drying of shoes , carefully wipe it with the solution on both sides. Put to dry for a few days.
Treat shoes with a weak solution of acetic acid, if of ammonia and vodka were not in your home. Do not use undiluted vinegar – you not only damage the Shoe, but will receive severe burns of the skin.
Sprinkle in shoes table salt and leave for 2-3 days, if the previous procedures are unable to defeat the odor of mold. Salt not only cleans shoes, but also absorbs unpleasant odor. A stronger remedy is boric acid. But to use it not exactly safe, you can spoil a thing.
Set the shoes to the balcony, if on the street kept below freezing. This will help finally get rid of the smell of mold. In principle, the sun's rays also possess disinfectant properties. So if you find mouldy shoes in the summer, don't despair. Put it outside for a few days.
Treat shoes with cream to restore Shine and color. In the market can meet special and odour absorbers for shoes. If you think that a light unpleasant odor still remains, look for this remedy in stores of your city. Instead of special tools and fit foot spray. Treat shoes inside and wait until it dries.
Useful advice
Keep your shoes dry and well ventilated area. Moisture is not only provokes the appearance of mold, but also reduces wear time Shoe.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the smell of beer

The smell of the beer is pleasant only during the consumption of beer, and that is not all. Once on clothing or other absorbent surface, distributes the beer is sour-sweet smell, to get rid of it is not easy, even harder to get rid of the smellif the beer you had consumed. However, it makes sense to try some traditional methods.
How to get rid of the smell of beer
You will need
  • lemon, vinegar, nutmeg, roasted coffee
Drink moderately, otherwise no advice will not help you, and you will still smell like beer. For the use of beer in high doses, guarantees for the morning such a terrible thing, as fume. It should be noted that the alcohol that was in our body is highly toxic, turning into acetaldehyde. Many people it is considered to be the cause of the intoxication. Morning fumes, in fact, and there is a smell of acetaldehyde. The human body already contains a certain amount of this substance – without it, oxygen is not absorbed by the cells. Beer – the beverage people, and the people long ago came up with many recipes how to get rid of the smell of beer.
Squeeze into Cup the juice of half a lemon, add two drops of vinegar. Rinse mouth with this mixture, but do not swallow. This should restore the microflora of the salivary glands in a few minutes. Chew a bit of nutmeg or a few grains of roasted coffee. Or put under the tongue a pinch of dry green or black tea. They say if you chew fennel or Bay leaf, it can also help. Or simply click seeds.
Take valocordin, Valerian, validol or pyridoxine. Take Antipolitsay" if the beer fumes are not very strong.
Chew gum, not minty, which only adds to the unpleasant smell.
Eat a big supper. Best Breakfast in such cases, are the traditional Russian sour soups: rassolnik, soup, soups. Their wonderful feature is that the refrigerator that any of the above is always there. And they can be eaten cold. In contrast, there are southern specialities such as Armenian khash (like hot jelly, which is considered the best hangover food in the world. Important plus a hearty Breakfast: it not only gets rid of the smell of beer, but it helps the hangover.
Keep in mind the famous aphorism of A. P. Chekhov, what if from diseases invented by too many drugs, it is incurable. In our case, it testifies to the individuality of each person. Meet the person who can eat enormous amounts of this heady drink, and no smell they have. While different enough to make a couple of SIPS of "light" - and horror. Scared to approach closer than a meter.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of the smell in the bag

Every girl wants to have her bag inside gave off a pleasant smell. But due to various reasons in the bag sometimes there are specific flavors. Some specific ways to remove the smell, not yet invented, as each flavor has its own sources, and get rid of them should individually. So how do you remove bad smell in your bag?
How to get rid of the smell in the bag
There are several methods of getting rid of unpleasant smell in the bag.
The most common and effective way is to wash. If the source of the unpleasant smell is, for example, spilled in the bag, yogurt or other food product, it is possible to wash only lining. For better result wash the bag completely.
If your handbag is made of delicate fabrics, it is better to dry cleaning. This procedure is quite expensive, but the result will surprise you. Handbag literally adopt a new view: the smell will disappear, the colors will Shine in new ways, and all possible spots removed themselves.
Decided to clean the bag yourself? Then be sure to carefully choose washing powder.
As the bag is often stitched a variety of rhinestones, sequins and buckles, it is better to wash it by hand and in warm water. So you will be able to refresh the bag and to maintain its beauty.
If the smell is negligible, then the bag can be turned inside out and some time to hang out on the balcony. Proverif bag, you will cope with the task.
Currently, there are many different refreshing sprays. However, a similar problem they will solve only temporarily, drowning out the odor.
Of course, it is better initially to protect your bag from any such trouble. For example, if you bring your own food, then pack them in special plastic containers to avoid leakage.
Try not to carry in bags anticipated sources of unpleasant smell, for example, shoes. For such things you can use a plastic bag.
Regularly sort it out in my purse, throwing out the accumulated junk. And if your bag has an unpleasant smell, use one of the above tips.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of the smell of mutton

The lamb was always different from other meat its characteristic smell. It depends on the age of the RAM and the conditions of its cultivation. Each time that you use meat in cooking, you need to take action to eliminate odor. This can be done in various ways.
The smell of meat is directly related to age sheep
You will need
  • pan
  • water 5 liters
  • milk 2 liters
  • - garlic 1 head
  • - carrots 2 pieces
  • - salt 100g
  • - sugar 20g
  • - rosemary 1 sprig
  • - black pepper 10 PCs.
  • - onions 1 head
  • - Bay leaf 3pcs.
  • - vinegar 10 tbsp.
  • - vegetable oil
  • - cilantro 1 bunch
  • - lemon-1 piece
  • pumpkin-1 piece
  • - cinnamon
  • - pomegranate juice 1 Cup
  • - ammonia
  • brush clothing
Take a piece of lamb and free it from fat. The main smell contained in it. Then wash the meat under running cold water, pour in a saucepan the milk. The garlic clear from the husk and disassemble into slices. Each of them grate on a fine grater. Add the garlic to the pan. Put a piece of meat in milk for two days.
In a large pot pour water and immerse the lamb, cook it on low heat for at least 2 hours. Then add raw carrots, peeled onion and parsley, cook for another hour, then discard the vegetables from the broth and continue to cook the lamb on.
Can try to soak the lamb the night before cooking in the marinade. To do this, mix the cilantro, lemon juice, rosemary and crushed pepper. Then brush the meat with oil, you can use vegetable or olive to taste and continue cooking.
Good smell of mutton added in cooking pumpkin, cut into pieces. It absorbs the smell, and the meat turns out tender and delicious.
Also from unpleasant odor will help to prevent the marinade from a mixture of pomegranate juice with cinnamon. If you put the meat overnight in this solution, by morning the smell will disappear.
Take a saucepan, pour water, add black pepper peas, Bay leaf, salt and sugar, simmer until boiling. 10 minutes after the water boils, remove the pan from heat and let cool to room temperature. Add the vinegar and put the meat. Marinate a day, then the smell disappears.
If you want to get rid of the smell of mutton with things, you can mix vinegar and ammonia in equal proportions, and adding water, wipe soiled meat, then wash in warm water with added detergent.
With sofas, armchairs and carpets of spots, from which comes the smell of mutton, it is best to remove at the dry cleaners.

Advice 5 : How to get rid of mold in the bath

The appearance of mold is a serious problem. It can become a cause of Allergy turning into asthma, Allergy in children, migraines, asthma and cardiovascular disorders. Often becomes one of the causes of destruction of buildings. Mold loves high humidity. Therefore, in the baths, where condensation is common, this problem occurs quite often.
How to get rid of mold in the bath
Find and correct the cause of mold. Most actively it is spreading at a relative humidity above 95%, temperature + 20 ° C and poor ventilation. So be sure to check the ventilation condition. Perhaps it is to clean or even completely redone.
Active growth of fungi and mold contributes to the dirt. Watch the cleanliness of bath room. Unfortunately, some of the owners of baths believe that the walls are so clean, just due to the fact that in the process of washing the surface is constantly rinsed.
Proceed to clean moldy surfaces. For this you can use ordinary rubbing alcohol. Just be careful not to forget that it is a flammable liquid. Alcohol well digidrive (i.e. gets rid of water), allowing you to kill raids of moldon the surface and in depth.
Can also try treating the surface with a solution of iron sulphate. To do this in 1 liter of water dissolve iron sulfate (22 g), aljumokalievyh alum (44 g) and sodium chloride (18 g). If mold a little more, and she only recently appeared, try to get rid of it by wiping the surface with a conventional "White". Another recipe: a solution of 40% formalin at the rate of 25 ml per 1 liter of water.
In addition to these national resources, can benefit from professional sold in hardware and DIY stores. Choosing a product for treatment, make sure that it is designed specifically for removing mold, not to prevent its occurrence.
Thoroughly rinse all surfaces with clean water. Since all these chemicals are harmful to human health.
After the full cleansing of surface from mildew , the room should be thoroughly dried. You can then handle with special means for prevention. Now just have to constantly monitor the condition of the bath room and to prevent the emergence of mold again.

Advice 6 : How to get rid of the smell of the hamster

There is a stereotype that the hamsters in the apartment must be the source of a very unpleasant smell. However, in reality it is not so. Really small and cute animal to create a specific flavor, but it happens not because of its impropriety. Get rid of the smell of the hamster is very simple.
How to get rid of the smell of the hamster

Why do hamsters smell

The most common source of odor is a cage in which lives the hamster. Many owners believe that animals cozy feel shredded newspaper, sawdust or dry grass. On the one hand, it is true, but these fillers are characterized in that absorb not only moisture but also odors. They need to be changed as often as possible. Otherwise, it appeared the smell will long remain in your apartment. And you hamster will also become a source of fragrance that are warm is very difficult.

The animal cage must be kept clean. It should not accumulate food debris or droppings from hamster. Naturally, all this in itself is the source of the odor. If you follow the condition of the dwelling your pet, but the air is still stale, pay attention to lifestyle and nutrition of your pet.

Experts say that if the hamster is often alarming and subjected to stressful situations, his body begins to produce an odor. Stimuli can be your family members, yourself, other Pets, cage, which for some reason does not like the hamster. To detect the presence of stress on the behavior of the pet. If the animal is scared, concerned or angry, then all this is accompanied by a characteristic behavior. Usually hamsters are calm and friendly.

How to get rid of the smell

If you failed to determine the source of irritation of the hamster, and his hygiene you watch carefully, the cause of the odor can become animal health. Most often, the peculiar smell appears when the violation of the digestive process. In this case, an accurate diagnosis and treatment can be determined only by the veterinarian. Most often, normalize digestion hamsters Prem prescribe special vitamins and restricted diet kind of diet.

Pay attention to the diet of the hamster. Leave the products overnight in large quantities is not recommended. After a meal, almost all food residues, it is better to remove it from the cell. Hamster food should contain enough vitamins and mineral elements. Complete and balanced feeding can save you not only from odor, but to protect the pet from many diseases.

As bedding it is better to use special fillers, which are sold in specialized stores. For example, corn "sawdust" are absorbent and do not leak odors, so the air stays fresh. Similar properties have wood fillers.

After a thorough cleaning of the cage, eliminate all sources of unpleasant odors and provide proper attention to hamster, ventilate the area and use the normal air fresheners. Remember the rules for the maintenance of these animals and never forget that any pet needs care from its owner.

Advice 7 : How to get rid of the smell of the ferret

Ferrets – animals that have a specific odor, which many endure with great difficulty. The smell of males more violent than females. A radical way to get rid of unpleasant odors this pet — castration. There are also deodorizers for ferrets, which are presented in wide assortment on the shelves of Zoological shops.
How to get rid of the smell of the ferret
Compliance with the elementary rules of hygiene — the most effective way of dealing with unpleasant smell. Not necessarily the ferret to carry out daily water treatments, regularly clean the cage, change the bedding in the cage. She is the source of the odor, as well they absorb and long holds. Hammock and accessories, it is recommended to periodically wash with added conditioning. The ferret lay down in the hammock smelling, and the odor will disappear without a trace.

Proper care for ferrets

Frequent bathing and daily shower will only lead to increased secretion of glands of the skin, and the smell will become more intense. Ferrets should be bathed no more than once in 3 months. using special shampoos for those animals.

Cleaning the trays need to be done every day or several times a day. There are special shovels with holes through which easily removed all the waste. The tray should be washed with soap once a week. The smell of the ferret was not so intense, feeders and waterers should be attached to the wall instead of leaving on the floor of the tray. They should not be overcrowded. Every week should change the hammocks, tunnels, and clean the house. It is necessary to remove all the rotting food debris to rinse your bedding. After washing hammocks are recommended to be ironed.

Animal ears cleaned 1 time per 2 weeks. Spend the prevention of ear mites and eliminate mouth odor by cleaning it with gauze.

All sorts of deodorizers for ferrets give the animal a pleasant aroma and have a conditioning effect. After a coat of the animal becomes soft and shiny. The constant use of all sorts of perfumes and deodorants for ferrets can cause allergic reaction due to their pungent smell. Therefore it is better to leave them for the arrival of guests and other special occasions.

A proper diet ferrets

To get rid of odor, you need to make sure that the pet nutrition was balanced. The animal's diet should be paid much attention, because it affects the smell of the ferret and its health. Proper nutrition is the predominance of natural meat products — chicken, mouse, rat. Prohibited feeding products that contain artificial flavors and other additives.

An unpleasant smell can trigger stress, so animal must be protected from nervous exhaustion and overexertion.
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