As soon as you came home immediately, wipe the shoes from moisture and dirt. That is pollution and improper care for the shoesYu spoil the material, rather than methods of drying. If you stepped in a mud puddle and the boots get wet, wipe them inside with a damp rag, and, in extreme cases, wash.
If you don't have time to dry naturally - use a hair dryer. While using hair dryer, ensure that it is shoes not much heated, keep the device at 20 cm from the material.
Stuff the shoes with old Newspapers or toilet paper. Over night all the moisture is absorbed, unless of course the boots were soaked. Instead of paper, can use unnecessary cloth that are absorbent, rigid material is not suitable.
If you have a flat open battery, put the shoes under the bottom of the pipe. Can also put the battery on a wooden plank and put them in the shoes. Do not experiment and do not try to dry your shoes without wooden substrate underneath the foot, it may melt.
Can buy the ingredient "Silica". It has the form of granules and is found in small sachets that lay in the new shoes. It is sold in hardware stores, can be found in hunting. If you managed to buy it, then pour a small amount of pellets in the shoes and after a few hours it will be dry.
As a variant – electromusical for shoes. Buy it in the store, the price of this device is quite low, and the effect is striking. The shoes dried very quickly, does not deteriorate neither the appearance nor the material.