You will need
  • Hydrogen peroxide, hair dye, tonic, lemon juice
If you decided to become a blonde, you cannot do without hydrogen peroxide. This is the first step towards smooth blond hair. Peroxide will make your your hair color a few shades lighter. But to use it costs very carefully. Normal paint spoils hair, and peroxide.
After you have used hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair, you need to purchase hair dye that is intended for use in the home. You can use the tonic for hair, but it should be remembered that the color should be either blue or grey, otherwise the desired effect is not achieved. Apply on hair and leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water and rinse hair with water and lemon juice.
After staining care your hair just need. White color constantly need to support, because very soon will begin to grow roots. To preserve the color shading is possible using special shampoos. Once a week you should definitely do a hydrating mask to maintain healthy hair.