If your hair is bright colors and has not been previously dyed with chemical dyes to lighten them a few shades you can paint from the store in the home, observing the instructions for use. But if you are the owner of dark hair, also repeatedly painted, you will need a gradual lightening. Better to do this procedure at the hairdresser that will be able to assess the real condition of your hair and to warn about possible negative consequences of clarification.
Before the procedure of lightening dark, previously colored hair, you can carry out the procedure of washes of color with a special drug. The essence of this procedure is that water releases from the structure of the hair pigment chemical dye without affecting the natural shade. If it is not possible to make a pre-wash, a week before bleaching to wash your hair with dandruff shampoo - he washes the paint from the hair structure.
The second stage is the lighting. Dark hair is better to discolor a professional powder in combination with an oxidizing agent. Remember that the higher the percentage of the oxidizer, the faster it lightens the hair, but much stronger damage them at the same time. So barbers often use oxidizing agents with a small percentage, but carry out the procedure of lightening several times in a row.
Lightener applied to the hair quickly, wrapping a small strand of hair with foil, to make a process more efficient. If after the first composition is rinsed from the hair, the result of clarification has not yet been reached should be applied on the hair the second portion. With the proper observance of all the subtleties of the process in the end of bleaching, you should get a light yellow color hair.
The final stage of the bleaching - hair coloring or toning. Hair coloring definitely after bleaching because hair after this procedure, empty inside, scales them open. In this state, they will break and look awful. After painting gentle shampoo dye hair filled the inside, it looks more cared vanishes the yellow tinge, the scales of the hair are closed, becomes shiny.
After the procedure of lightening the hair needs careful care. They need constant nutrition and hydration. You can make masks from natural products and use professional products for care and hair restoration. Special attention should be paid to ends as they dry the most. Once a month, cut your bleached ends so they look healthy, beautiful and well-groomed.