You will need
  • - long-term plan of work with children;
  • reports on the events;
  • the results of questionnaires, tests, surveys, etc.
In the beginning of the analysis give a General description of the group in which you worked. Please provide data on the number and age of children at the beginning and end of the year. Specify separately the number of girls and boys. Describe the features of the development and relationships of children, the nature of their activities within the kindergarten and so on.
Next, what goals and tasks you set for the future. Usually they cover three important areas: work with children, interaction with parents, further their qualifications.
Give a brief description of the activities that you conducted during the school year within each of the defined objectives. The schema description can be: title of activity; date; status (group, obsessee, exit); participants (children, parents, staff); the results reflecting the positive and negative sides.
Please provide information on the results of the participation of children in various competitions, sports competitions, clubs, festivals, etc. are placed in the report feedback from parents and employees of preschools. For the preparatory group make a conclusion about the readiness of children for schooling according to the criteria: high, medium, low.
In the end formulate a General conclusion on the work done in which you write how well you were able to solve certain in the long-term plan objectives, and indicate further directions of work on the implementation of targeted strategies.