You will need
  • - the status of IE;
  • premises;
  • register;
  • - trading equipment;
  • - supply of the goods;
  • - promotional products.
Conduct market research. Specify how many retail stores in the area where you plan to stay. Consider all the point of selling cosmetics – Department stores, kiosks in malls, large stores of network companies and boutiques of the individual brands. Evaluate the range of outlets and determine commodity gaps (niches, spaces).
Compose the business plan of the future enterprise. You should consider the amount of future costs and possible revenue. Specify what product you're trading, how you plan to supply, in what area are leasing and how much to spend on repairs. Keep in mind, and the initial procurement. To make a decent layout, you will need a good inventory.
The easiest way to start working with the mass and mid-price segment. Luxury cosmetics category - the product of limited demand. To profit, you need to increase the margin. Note that in this segment the competition for novice will be not only large networks, but is rapidly gaining popularity online shopping.
Pick the right room. For good calculations you will need a spacious showroom. Must and utility room for storage of stocks of goods. Let's dwell on a location with good pedestrian traffic. It is good idea to open a Department in a popular shopping center. Do not be tempted by low prices – in the shopping center located in the wrong places, buyers you simply will not find.
Make repairs to the premises. Don't waste money on expensive finishing materials. Light walls and quality floor for the new shop that is enough. Do not skimp on coverage. Install the lamp close to natural light.
Purchase commercial equipment. You need open shelving for easy access and presentation stands. If you sign a contract with a certain brand, the brand holder will provide such stands free.
Find partners that will supply you the goods. You can work with local distributors or go to official dealers of the brand. To buy directly profitable, however, the representatives of brands will show you a number of requirements. But you can count on when selecting the range, training vendors, contests from brands and other bonuses.
Pick up the range. You can sell cosmetics of different brands or to focus on several popular brands. Try to offer the market something new that can attract buyers. For example, look for a brand that is interested in users, but not yet available in your region. Do not skimp on the initial purchase. Expose the full range, turn the range limited edition and seasonal novelties.
Hire a sellers. Their responsibilities include customer service, advising, maintaining order in the stands, and control of the goods. To ensure the safety, you can install antitheft gates and marking of goods.
Take care of advertising. Order your visible sign, install billboards and lightboxes. Print leaflets and distribute them on the street or in the Mall. Consider a system of discounts and discount cards for regular customers. Make an informative website and start promoting online. Then you will be able to use this platform as a possible framework for an online store that will increase your sales.