You will need
  • stands with the right gear;
  • - the streamlining of logistics;
  • - samples and gifts.
Actively use the principles of merchandising. Estimated marketers, correct display can increase sales up to 30%. As a rule, well-known cosmetic brands provide their own stands with decorative cosmetics, where the location of the testers thought over to trifles. If a brand such a stand no, use the same principle.New items of cosmeticsand the products that you would like to sell quickly, place on shelves at eye level of the buyer. Large capacity popular goods put down: the buyer will still bend over for them.
The cosmetic market has a rapid development and the constant emergence of new products. Closely monitor the change of collections. Make payable effective two-way communication, to be aware of future revenues even before the official appearance of the product on the market. Do pre-orders and pradeshiya demand. Coming into the store for a new product, customers can buy and some of the usual products.
Start a campaign to stimulate sales. Most of the cosmetic networks in recent years are practicing long-term actions that the client committed purchase regularly and in significant amount. Focus on short-term events. Hand out samples of products, make the day free of makeup, place small gifts at a certain amount of the check.
Do some fine-tuning of the logistics system. Work with inventory and pradeshiya raskupaemost products. If the trading hall has a tester of cosmetics, but not in the presence of the goods, the buyer will be very disappointed.