Spend your own market research in shopping Mall or store where you plan to open the Department. Specify the number of dots already offers buyers something that you want to trade. It is possible that the results of your research will point you to the presence of the store is quite a large number of departments with this product. In this case, you, first, can arrange sales of highly effectively so that competitors will not make you interference, and secondly, can make a decision to trade something else. Be sure to inspect your designated rental space in the store so as not to duplicate goods fellow competitors. All this is necessary to clarify and find out at an early stage to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.
Check with the administrator of the rental price of one square meter, and if the price suits you, let them know you are ready to open your Department. Go to execute the necessary documents.
Before going to the tax office make a business plan. At this point, you should decide exactly what will sell and how to arrange deliveries. Calculate the volume of future costs to repair the premises (if necessary), trading equipment, rental, first batch of product, as well as the amount of possible revenue. Don't forget to take into account unforeseen expenses. In the procurement of industrial goods may get defective products and, accordingly, the write-down. A competent business plan will allow you to evaluate how effective and profitable it can be to your business. If your calculations show the excess of the amount that was planned for the opening of the Department and which you have in stock, try to cut the first batch of the goods or take a loan.
Go to the tax office and complete documents. It is best to contact the consultant who is in any branch of UFSN. He will tell you what documents you must gather and submit to the tax authorities to obtain the status of individual entrepreneur with the right to carry out its activities in the field of trade. Perfect execution of the consultant's recommendations will save you from trouble by checking the services in the first days of work.
Present the store administrator permits. Pay the rent. Then enjoy the purchase of commercial equipment, if the store does not provide it, and design the retail space.
If you intend to trade and keep accounts themselves, personnel no longer the issue. But if you need a salesman, storekeeper, accountant, get the search. Advertise in the local newspaper, radio and TV. Try to accept people with recommendations, with appropriate education and experience in the trade.
Organize advertising. Order beautiful sign, set next to the Department, if possible, light boxes (light boxes) and small billboards. Print business cards and flyers, distribute them in-store or on the street. Over time, it is wise to consider and apply a system of discounts and discount cards for regular customers. Make a themed website and start promoting the product online. You will be able to use this platform as a good basis for creating an online store that with good marketing increases sales.