These companies nowadays a huge number of, and consultants. And once caught with them, making concessions and showing little weakness and is still trying the suggested product, the consumer gets the hook of a consultant.

A consumer's attitude to the sales strategy of chain stores and the quality of the product is always different. This question remains purely individual. But in order not to be idomou in the structure of the network cosmetic business you must understand the basic advantages and disadvantages of this sales technique and product quality.

An advantage of purchasing the product through a consultant assessessment to learn about the product maximum information, and the ability to test her myself. Almost all sellers on the presentation of products have samples of the most popular items from the range. That is, the purchase is not based on "buy a pig in a poke". The disadvantage of this method of sale – limited choice. The seller offers only its brand. And if the buyer is weak, then he might think: "If I spent so much time, I obliged to buy something".

Another advantage the buyer will be constantly informed about new products in the range. I can't afford a network of cosmetic shopping. The girl who once indulged myself and bought at least one lipstick in the company - "seteviki" constantly will get the news in all possible ways. SMS, email, flyers in the mailbox is a small list to remind yourself of the seller-adviser. And this fact can be seen both positively and negatively.

Get a discount – what more to please the young lady with the purchase?! Probably only the size of this discount. Buying cosmetic products in supermarket chains, the discount usually does not exceed 15%. But in close cooperation with your client Advisor, the size of the discounts may reach to 35%. The negative side there is and probably never will.

In the future, provided that the products of the company "networkers" will fully meet the needs of the buyer, it is possible to connect the user to the network. And then the buyer will become the seller-consultant who "turned" it on this product. And, if you give this business a while, it is possible to gain benefits from network marketing will increase significantly. The main thing to clearly understand their desires and needs and not to go on about the seller's professional, who are consultants familiar network of companies selling cosmetics.