You will need
  • - documents of the company;
  • - conditions of tender;
  • notification or invitation to tender;
  • - details of the company declared a tender.
The conditions of the tender set. Contest participants must be fully submitted the required information, including that about competitors, are stated in the selection.
The preparation of the tender must be given at least 2-3 weeks. If you received an invitation to the contest, which is less than seven days, you have the right to refuse to participate, because the notification is of a formal character, and the winner is already pre-selected. In this tender, it is better not to participate, because you just lose your time in vain.
The rejection of the tender must be on the letterhead of your company. It should contain details similar to business letter response.
In the upper left corner, write the name of the organization that announced the tender. Specify the address location, contact telephone number and, if possible, address the letter-refusal to one of the organizers of the tender. Generally, it is the General Director of the company or the head of one of departments of the company.
In the right corner of the letter, place the stamp of your company. It the company it is not, then enter the name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents or personal data of a natural person, if the OPF your firm is "individual entrepreneur". Specify the legal company address, a contact telephone number.
Details recipient enter the date and number of an incoming document (notices, invitations to tender), write its name. Specify the number, date of letter of denial in accordance with the sequence established by the rules of office.
In the middle write the words: "Dear(Aya)...", then enter a name and a patronymic of the addressee (if known) or refer in General to the organizers of the tenderto which you are invited or have applied for participation in it. The contents of the document should consist of tender date, name of selection, organization's name or personal data of an individual entrepreneur, and accommodation trading.
Clarify the reason you refuse to participate in the tender. You can specify it in the content of the letter. Write that in the future you are willing to cooperate, but this time you will not be able to compete for first place in trading. Enter the title of the position, identify the person on whose behalf the document is drawn up.