To refuse the services of a management company you can only be the case if you live in privatized apartment. For tenants of municipal flats is all about the municipality, as he is in this situation is the owner. However, this does not mean that the tenant is not able to solve the problem of choice of control method.
If you have your own apartment and you would like to change the way of management of your house, first of all talk to the neighbors. Their dissatisfaction with the quality and cost of utilities will greatly facilitate your task. The housing code provides for three equal method of operating residential buildings. It is a management company, homeowners Association or direct control. If the tenants did not accept the decision, the municipality organizes a competition among management companies, in which the house goes to one of them.
To solve this question by using the General meeting of owners. First, you need to determine the number of privatized and non-privatized apartments in your house. This can be done by interviewing the residents. In some cities, such information may be obtained from the housing Department of the municipality. Invite all owners to gather and discuss this issue. If there is a municipal apartment, invite to the meeting anyone from the administration. This can be, for example, specialist of the Department on management of municipal property. Try to convince him that the management company can not cope with their tasks.
To convince officials of the correctness, you will need some documents. If there were complaints from residents in different institutions, be sure to keep copies of them. Contact the Supervisory authorities. It can be housing inspection, sanitary and epidemiological station or the Prosecutor's office. On your complaint they are obliged to carry out an inspection and draw up the relevant acts.
In any case, you should first try to conduct a face-to-face meeting. If it does not, then print the draft decision and send it on apartments with the request to vote. The voting takes place not the number of participants, and the number of square meters of each apartment. That is, a family of five living in the apartment of 20 sq m, has less influence on the decision than a single person occupying the apartment of 50 sq. m. the Representative of the municipality voted for all privatized apartments. The decision must be in writing and signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting.
The next step is the choice of control method. It can be defined at the same meeting, if convenient, prepare the corresponding decision. There are three options — move to another management company, TSZH and direct control. The last two require the owners of some of the nervous and physical efforts. Direct control involves direct contracts to all delivery resources and utilities. Big plus direct control — the disappearance of the family budget expenditure on the maintenance of the HOA or management company. The main disadvantage lies in the fact that residents may not always agree on how best to contain obschedomovoe property.
The main obstacle to the creation TSZH — the abundance of documents that need to be filled. However, the set of documents may already be prepared by the municipal services, and you will only require information pertaining to your home. Don't forget that the HOA can come together and a few houses, choosing the one chair. This will significantly reduce the cost of the state. To choose a different management company, you simply need to enter into the contract. Simply with the decisions of the General meeting.