You will need
  • - passport of all parties involved;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - notarized authorization from all owners and the spouse;
  • - resolution of the guardianship;
  • - cadastral extract;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale or donation;
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance;
  • - an application to the Federal office of the state registration of the centre;
  • - receipt of payment for the registration;
  • - photocopies of all documents;
  • will.
To change the apartment to another person by transaction sales, update cadastral documents. Please contact the Bureau of technical inventory, call technical engineer, your apartment will inspect, on what basis will update the cadastral documents. Get extracts.
If your apartment is in common ownership or you bought it, being in registered marriage, contact with all owners and second husband in a notary's office. You will be notarized authorization for alienation of the apartment.
If the number of owners of incapacitated persons, which include not only the disabled, but also minors, partially capable persons, shall notify the guardianship and custody of property alienation, obtain a decree authorizing the sale, signed by the head of the district administration. Get a notarized permission from parents, guardians or legal representatives of said individuals.
Contact the housing maintenance office, make a note of all registered tenants will receive help from the house register, confirming that the apartment no one registered, and an extract from the personal account of the apartment.
Enclose notary or a written agreement of purchase and sale, execute a deed of transfer and acceptance.
With the received documents, please contact the Federal office of the state registration center, complete the application, submit identification documents of all parties to the transaction, copies of all documents, the receipt on payment for registration. After 30 days of ownership rights to the apartment will pass to the person to whom you have extended.
To produce alienation by donation the same way, but instead of the contract of sale will issue a deed of gift and submit all documents for registration with the Federal office of the state registration center.
If you want to make your apartment transferred to another person after your death, contact the notary office. Present your valid passport, documents of title. The notary will draw up the will. After your death the property will inherit these in person.