You will need
  • -statement on conclusion of marriage (to be completed in the Registrar's office prior to filing);
  • -2 passport (the couples);
  • -receipt of payment of the state duty of 200 rubles;
  • -if one of the future spouses has been married, evidence of termination of previous marriage;
  • -permission to marry (for minors);
  • -if you are in Moscow or St. Petersburg for a period of more than three months, you will need the document of temporary registration.
Before the first visit to the Registrar will receive information about the details of the office of the Registrar to which it plans to submit a statement on the conclusion of marriage.
In any branch of the savings Bank will pay the required state fee of 200 rubles . A receipt with all the entered details are also available at the Registrar's office.
Collect all the documents listed above (don't forget to bring the receipt of payment of state duty and a certificate of temporary registration if you are in Moscow or St. Petersburg).
In the registry office, write a statement to define the date of the marriageof sochetaniya, and fill in the questionnaire of the established form.
Wait the prescribed period (usually it is one calendar month, maximum - two).
On the appointed day and time report to the Registrar for registration of the marriageand where his signature confirm that you want to be a husband. Registration can be as festive, with guests and colorful ceremony, and not solemn, in which there are also the newlyweds only witnesses.
After the ceremony, the marriage ofsochetanie take your first family document confirming the registration of marriageand certificate of marriageE.