Governing the state registration of marriageand the law States the following reasons why the registry office can reduce the time from submission of the application until the conclusion of the marriageand the pregnancy, the birth of a child, direct threat of life of one of the parties, and other special circumstances. In any case, you will need to submit to the Department the registry office of the documents. This can be done both when applying and later, together with a statement about the postponement of the date of registration. Confirmation can serve as a pregnancy certificate from the antenatal clinic, birth certificate of the child, as well as a certificate from medical institution about the health condition of one of future spouses if that is what makes you to rush into marriagewith sochetaniem.
In circumstances not mentioned in the law, you'll need additional documents. For example, if one of the spouses needs to travel outside the region or country in the near future and to postpone the conclusion of the marriageand before the return is not possible, can I use as proof a notarized copy of the tickets, an extract from the order about transfer of a soldier or from the order of assignment of employment – depending on the reasons for the departure. If the groom is going to serve in the place of military service, you will need to submit a certificate of call from the recruiting office.
Whatever the reasons that cause you to conclude the marriage before the expiry of the due date, contact the head of the registry office which the confirmation of special circumstances you will need. In the case of recognition of objective reasons you will be able to register the marriage to the date of application. In practice, sometimes the check assigned to the nearest spare time.
Don't forget that the statutory period of one month is the minimum time for the bride and groom made the final decision, and the simple desire to get married quickly enough to reduce this period.