You will need
  • — gypsum;
  • water;
  • — shape;
  • — brush;
  • — palette;
  • — acrylic paint.
Prepare the form in which you will pour the material. You can buy the box set for crafts made from plaster, which will have plastic molds. For this purpose, suitable silicone molds for cakes and even children's capacity to kulichiki of sand. You can also cut the bottom of any hollow plastic or rubber toy. To figure out of gypsum it was easier to get, grease the molds of any vegetable oil.
The gypsum powder pour into a glass Cup or jar. Add required quantity of water in accordance with the instructions on the package. The consistency should resemble cream. Stir the mass so that there are no remaining lumps.
Pour the plaster into the prepared form. Smooth the surface with a spatula or knife. Allow the mixture to dry for 30-50 minutes. If you do the magnet, after 15-20 minutes into the plaster surface of the magnetic plate. In a drawing that plan to hang, insert a loop of fishing line.
Before you pull the figure, make sure that the plaster is really dry. Tap it with a pencil – the sound should be sonorous.
Form of the finished crafts can be changed. With modelling knives of different sizes you can make the carving, plaster-crafts. First apply a line pattern on the sketch of the effigy. Then, focusing on the sketch, mark crafts a simple pencil. Cut the plaster into small pieces, layer by layer, achieving the desired effect. Use only sharpened tools to cut smoothly without chipping.
If you want to make a colorful figure, paint the plaster with acrylic paints. On the package acrylic look for the marked "porous" surfaces. Apply the paint with a foam sponge (for painting larger areas) or synthetic brushes (for detailed study).