You will need
  • - gypsum, which is not below grade G-7
  • - any suitable paint in the can to cover the finished mold
  • - alginate
If you want to make a mold of the nursery pens at home, you should prepare the following materials: gypsum, which is not below grade G-7, any suitable paint in the can to cover the finished mold, and alginate (this powder is used in dentistry for making impressions of your jaw and teeth). It is sold in dental stores and equipment, as well as via the Internet. For the manufacture of the cast take a three-phase alginate, at a time when it hardens it will be necessary to pull the handle from the solution, it will change color.Lay baby to sleep during the manufacture of the cast he pulled a handle, and you could use his mind.
Cook of alginate and water solution. For makeup it is best to use plastic container. Take a glass of water (part 1) and powder (1.5 parts). Pour the alginate into the water, but not Vice versa! Stir with a mixer. If the mixture bubbles, tap capacity on the table. These manipulations should be carried out quickly because alginate high speed solidification.
As soon as the mixture begins to change color, dip the handle of the child to the ground. Wait about a minute until the solution hardens and becomes a bit like rubber. If applied on the surface of the solution, hand it will not stick, then he froze. We can assume that you managed to make a cast of child handles at home.
Gently pull the handle of the baby from a frozen supply so as not to break form for a future cast.
Prepare a mixture of plaster and water. Pour the plaster in warm water. Bring to a density that resembles thick cream. Tap the table to release any air bubbles. Pour the ready mixture into prepared earlier form of mold. Let the mixture fully harden.
Originalbuy carefully separate the mass from the container and clean the plaster from the gel pen. The finished mold of necessity, adjust with fine emery paper. Secure the workpiece on the base (plaster). Paint the finished product with paint and, if desired, arrange some fun things.