Advice 1: How to sculpt sculpture

Modeling – it is great for self-expression and to soothe. To begin to study sculpture at any age, even if you've never done it. Better and easier just to sculpt from clay. It's a beautiful material, it is almost everywhere and stored for a long time. It varies in color and texture, some clay after firing are white, others become reddish.
How to sculpt sculpture
You will need
  • - clay;
  • a wire or wooden frame for the shape;
  • - plaina sheets;
  • - polyethylene.
Make plans, prepare the clay more than necessary for your planned sculpture. It is simple. In the box (or in another capacity, for example, pan) sprinkled dry clay. Level it necessary. Then fill it with water so that the water acted as separate lumps. In three or four day clay to use for sculpting. Removing it, leave uneven terrain - some of the hollows were water, then the clay will have a different consistency that is necessary.
Mold the clay in mainly hands, but you will need special tools and equipment for sculpting. It is best to sculpt on the machine which you can either purchase in store or make it yourself. It is a high stool with a rotating lid. You will also need a set of stacks for more accurate work, study of fine details and remove excess clay.
Small figures in ten to fifteen inches tall can mold without a frame. But the larger sculptures require a wire or wooden frame, as the clay material is viscous and heavy under its own weight it sags and falls off.
Clay sculptures definitely require a separate Foundation, even if it is small in size. The pedestal serves as a compositional basis for the sculpture and a support for its parts. It start to do from below, it as the house begins with the Foundation. First you need to give the figure the total volume, of coarse, keeping only the correlation of parts.
Only by creating a shared volume (anything, if it is more than necessary), proceed to detailed design. Hands give your sculpture the kind of flexing it. To see how it looks from different points of view, rotate the lid of the machine. Round sculpture should look good from all sides, not just front. Remove unnecessary stack tsepinite hands.
Unfinished sculpture store, covered with damp sheets and polyethylene. It will not allow it to dry. If it is still a bit dry, moisten it with water from a spray bottle and proceed. Finished work is fired in a special oven.

Advice 2: How to make a sculpture

Sculpture can be made of different materials. From the simple, such as playdough and clay, to highly complex, for example, the granite, the bronze, the iron tree. Its creation may take years or only an hour. It all depends on the task that you set for yourself.
How to make a sculpture
You will need
  • Clay sculpture, a piece of plywood sheet, aluminum wire, pliers, wooden stacks.
Consider the idea for her sculpture. In order to clearly visualize it can help light sketch on a sheet of paper in pencil.

Decide on the size of the sculpture, and material. For beginners will approach the clay. Unlike clay, the clay does not dry out and harden and can be done for a long time. Suitable height around 30 centimeters.

To cut a sheet of plywood 15 x 15 inches. It will be a pedestal for your sculpture.

Make a frame of thick aluminum wire. Fold the bottom ends of the frame and firmly fasten them to the plywood. The frame should repeat the movement of your future sculpture to fit her proportions.
How to make a sculpture
Will oblepicha frame plasticine. Sketch the main mass of your sculpture. Well obleplivaet frame, clay needs him hard to grab.

Process the form with pomocu sculpted wood stacks. Typing the main mass and after correcting the proportions, specify the details.

Find characteristic features.

Go around the sculpture around, look at the top and bottom. The sculpture should look great from all angles. In contrast to the figure sculpture is three-dimensional. Don't forget that. Always check the detail that you sculpt from all sides.

Look carefully at the sculpture. Parts must be balanced. It is the de needs to be filled up not forward not backward nor sideways. Follow pivot points of the sculpture.

Find the axis of symmetry. Check out, symmetric if your sculpture. Trust your eye, but don't forget to check measurements on the compass, or the stack.
How to make a sculpture
Find the compositional center of the sculpture. If you make the figure of a man, most likely it will face.

The compositional center of the work more thoroughly. Stick to the details. Also, but less detail to put the details throughout the sculpture. It can be the folds of clothing, buttons, belt, or coat of the animal.

View not smashed parts the basic shape of the figure. If somewhere you will find that too carried away with the details, overdone, generalize them slightly with your finger or the stack.

If the sculpture was a success, and she you really like, you can think about to perpetuate. Clay is not a reliable material. The easiest way to cast it in plaster or bronze. Well, the most beautiful and difficult to carve in marble.

Good luck and success in your work!
How to make a sculpture
Useful advice
Only use sculptural clay. It is the same color and will not distract from the form. Besides it's cheaper.
If the frame is not strong enough, it can be reinforced with thick metal wire at the center.
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