You will need
  • Two-component silicone
  • Chipboard container
  • Wood glue
  • Sculptural clay
  • Round stick of small diameter
  • Wax
Take a container to fill. Pick up the boards to shape or cut the edges of the container made of chipboard. Glue parts. Allow the container to dry.
Divide the clay into small pieces. Uniform layers put him in the container. Carefully smoothen the surface of the clay, it should not be any cracks.
Put it into a clay form. Round stick make a hole. They need, in order to connect the two halves of the form together.
Wax the surface of the model.
Calculate the volume of silicone. It can be calculated by measuring the container.
Prepare the molding material. The ratio of the components specified in the instructions,it is necessary to strictly comply. Cook ground only to the portion of the form, which you will do now. Pour the molding material into the container.
Leave the top part alone until such time as it hardens. After that fully remove the clay.
Again wax model. Do the same with the form. Don't forget to coat with wax and holes- "castles". Prepare the silicone, pour it and wait until hardens.
Detach the form and extract the model, and then concatenate the part of the form.