Of course, it would be much worse if people did not hesitate. But everything should be in moderation. It is believed that this trait is laid in childhood. But not necessarily laid at an early age stays with a person forever. Under the influence of the environment, various circumstances a child may be shy.

And how to stop being shy already an adult?

To answer this question, we need to find the cause. Why adults embarrassed? And best of all we will be able to explain themselves ashamed.

They often say, "I can't", "I can't", "I can't do this", "I don't know", "I can't". Shy people are not confident in yourself, they have fears, they are pre-programming yourself for failure. For some reason they feel worse than others and so afraid of other people's opinions.

But, if you look, the ability to have shy people are much higher than that of their surroundings. Interestingly it turns out, some have very weak abilities, but they seek in life success, and others are very capable, but they didn't.

So what's the secret?

Never lose your enthusiasm and spirit. If we are in the infant age, after the first fall, stopped trying to walk, began to think how ridiculous I looked in this moment dropped, never learned to walk.

In order to stop being shy, don't be afraid to make mistakes! Don't stop after the first defeat, don't think about what about you will tell others calm attitude to criticism.

Analyze your failure and move on to your goal. So many famous and successful people were shy, but they managed to get rid of this quality. Thank God that getting rid of shyness doesn't require surgery.

There are many ways how to get rid of shyness.

First: need to think less that you will definitely find yourself in some awkward situation.

Second, we all the time try to be on people, not to withdraw into themselves, to communicate more with strangers.

Third: always remember that everything that happens to you is your own business, and the opinion of others is only their opinion, and to you it has no relation to your personal life does not affect.

And most importantly, ask yourself: what could you achieve in your life, if not shy? Try to use all these rules. After all, you have not a shy person, isn't it?!