To begin with, determine what exactly you are ashamed of — their body, face, hair, behavior, or something else. Often women are dissatisfied with their shape — small folds, stretch marks after birth, traces of cellulite. Remember that you need to love your own body, get used to it and make it perfect.
An interesting fact is that most women try not to look at the reflection in the mirror of their own naked body. Not ashamed of myself. As often as you can study the curves of his body, trying to love each of its cell. It will require some time, but if you learn to love yourself, to relax in bed will be much easier.
Constantly take care of your body, do manicures, pedicures, waxing, clean the skin with scrubs, return it soft and velvety with creams and masks. All of these procedures should not be a luxury but a part of your everyday life. Body care learn to feel each of its cell.
Start to play sports. Swimming, yoga, dancing, gymnastics, fitness anything. Regular exercise will teach you how to feel, and to coordinate your movement and you no longer feel yourself awkward.
Buy yourself beautiful lingerie that set off the color of your skin, and accentuate its advantages. Using the right sized linen and accessories you can hide all error shapes. For example, beautiful Breasts accentuate a large pendant, and slender legs will look just lovely in black stockings, and if you have shiny long hair, then you just have to dismiss them. Experiment with your way, creating new styles, using different outfits until until you begin to smile at my reflection in the mirror.
If you don't like your appearance, experiment with lighting. Try to stand in front of her husband in the dim light of a lamp or the mysterious flickering of candles.
Remember that your husband loves you, and that means that shortcomings of your figure just does not notice or did not consider them as such. Because not everyone likes tall, thin models. For your partner the main thing is when you're around.