To overcome shyness, first and foremost, determine the cause. Perhaps you are not satisfied with their appearance or do you feel shy due to a speech defect (for example, slight stutter)? Maybe it's the fact that you consider yourself not very interesting to talk to?Whatever the cause, all of these problems can be resolved. The easiest way to change your appearance (to update your wardrobe, visit a stylist, etc.). With speech defects to help you specialist. And to find interesting topics for conversation, just increasingly interested in what is happening around and read more.
If you can't identify a specific cause of your shyness, most likely, your shyness is based on what you used to consider myself shy. Try to overcome shyness, "examples" on the image self-confident person. To begin practice behave more relaxed in the home when no one sees you. Go right and more importantly, speak loudly and firmly. Gradually you feel that you can behave among other people.
To overcome shyness you can take the example of someone you know, who do you think relaxed. Please note, as this leads to familiar yourself to different situations. When you do find yourself in a similar situation, try to emulate his behavior.
Defeat shyness and you can with a nearly opposite actions. Look among your friends the person you believe much more timid and shy than you. And then take over it "patronage", that is try to get rid of shyness. By helping him you help yourself.
To finally overcome shyness, every time when you feel shy, imagine the worst scenario. You can get a waiver? You do not pay attention? You scolded? In the end, all is not so scary, that everyone faces. Much harm waiver or even verbal rudeness never hurt, therefore, you will be able to survive it and move on.