As with all wholesale procurement, apply the principle of "the more you take, the less you pay", so if you send a lot of messages, it makes sense to buy the bigger bag, but if to communicate via SMS you use infrequently, take and pack smaller. In any case, the price of messages in the SMS packets will be lower.
If you plan to regularly use SMS-packages, connect "Periodic SMS-packages", which will be renewed every month, and if you need to send many messages within a short period of time, connect one of the "one-time SMS-packages". Any of the packages connected to service command that is typed on the keyboard of a mobile phone and completed by pressing the call.
To connect to "Periodic SMS packages use the following commands:
Package of 50 SMS (the cost of 70 p.) - *111*050#

Pack 100 SMS (120 p.) - *111*0100#

Pack 300 SMS (cost 210 rubles) - *111*0300#

Package 500 SMS (cost 260r.) - *111*0500#

Pack 1000 SMS (cost 340 rubles) - *111*01000#
To connect "one-time SMS packages use the following commands:
SMS pack of 50 (value 75 p.) - *111*444*50#

SMS package 150 (200 p.) - *111*444*150#

SMS package 300 (cost 300 rubles) - *111*444*300#