You will need
  • network card, network hub (if connecting three or more PCs).
Let us consider the situation when you have three computers. You can, of course, to conclude with the provider of three contracts for the provision of access to the Internet. Quick and easy, but has a big disadvantage to pay for three accounts wish not every.
Consider the example of creating a local network with access to the Internet on their own. In this situation, we will need either a router or a network hub. The second option is cheaper, but it is relatively uncomfortable. The fact is that when you connect computers to a network hub, they will receive simultaneous access to the Internet only under one condition: one of them should perform the functions of the server.
Look at this option. Select the computer that will distribute the connection channel with the Internet. Install additional network adapter. Connect this device with the network hub. Note: if the local network will be composed of only two computers, the network hub is not required in General.
Connect the cable Internet to the computer server. Configure the connection to the provider's server. Open the properties for that connection and go to "Access". Activate the checkbox "Allow other network users to connect to the Internet through this computer". The second network card will automatically receive a static (permanent) IP address
Connect the second computer with the first, using the network cable. Open the settings of the network adapter on the second PC. Go to properties of TCP/IP. Activate the checkbox "Use the following IP address" and specify its value equal to In the third and fourth fields of this menu, enter the IP address of the server computer.
Please note the following caveat: if you want to connect several PCs to the server, use a network hub.