You will need
  • network cable, network card.
Let us consider a cheaper connection to the Internet. It is perfect for those who have one computer virtually shuts down. All costs in this case will be reduced to the purchase of a single network cable additional network card (if not).
To begin with select the computer that will be connected directly to the Internet. The selection parameters is quite simple: it needs to be turned on more time and to have a sufficient capacity to handle two streams of the Internet connection. This method was tested on a PC with the following specs: single core processor with 2.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, operating system – Windows 7.
As can be seen from the previous description, you do not necessarily have a very powerful computer. Connect to the selected PC a second network card. It can be internal card with the PCI connector and external USB adapter.
Let's start with the second computer. Connect both PCs with a network cable. Open the LAN settings of the second PC. Go to properties of TCP/IPv4. Set a static address as Pay attention to the paragraphs "Main gateway" and "Preferred DNS server". They should be filled, otherwise the computer won't have access to the Internet. Enter the IP address
Leave the second PC and go to the first. Configure the connection to the Internet. You better know how to do it. If you are not sure of the settings, contact your provider.
Click "Network connections". You should see the icon for your Internet connection. Open its properties. Select the tab "Access". Check the box near the top of the item. It is responsible for providing access to the Internet other computers in the network. In the following field to specify your network connection.
Open the LAN settings between computers. Enter a fixed IP address of Reconnect to the Internet.